<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>

Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10

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What is Giclee print?

Giclée, which means "spray" in French, is a state-of-the-art print technology that prints without using a plate, unlike lithographs and silk screen prints. Digital data obtained by scanning the original image with high resolution is printed on the finest fine art canvas with a matte texture in high definition, high color gamut, and highly storable pigment print.
Giclée is a technique that reproduces subtle nuances such as the unevenness of the work and the texture of the canvas, and most faithfully expresses the author's unique "color" and "touch". In addition, by manually adding edging , the work will be as three-dimensional and powerful as the original.

Giclée prints will be signed by Hideki Kimura as a formal work.


Scanner MUSE

An ultra-large digital archive scanner that can scan the world's largest 2m x 2m size documents with ultra-high definition and non-contact. Newly Co., Ltd., which also handles scanning of cultural property-class sliding doors and folding screens, scans the original drawings.

Museum-level quality

By dropping 12 colors of ink many times, it is possible to express colors that could not be expressed by conventional printing.
We will deliver museum quality works as the best partner to express the color and dynamic feeling of Hideki Kimura's works.

Achieves light resistance on a scale of 250 years

Light resistance is the most important factor as a work of art. It is required to keep the state when the work was completed and leave it as long as possible. The pigment ink used in Giclée has achieved high water resistance and light resistance on a scale of 150 to 250 years * when combined with paper. (* Expected value of competing years when displayed in general glass.)

Ki-Yan Artwork's giclée prints have a high-quality pigment print and hand-painted gold edging to create a three-dimensional and powerful work that is no different from the original. ..


Year of production 2020
Scanning Newly Co., Ltd.
Giclée print Graphic Co., Ltd.
sign Autographed by Hideki Kimura on the screen
Technique Giclée print on canvas + hand-painted
Body size W45 .5 × L53.0 D2.0 (cm)
Weight 0.8kg
State of work Good
Forehead specification A wooden frame (Western red cedar wood)
Delivery period About 1 week
Special notes * We will ship it by wrapping it in packing material.
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>
<tc>Giclée print "Lotus&Carp" F10</tc>